Sessions With Joy

Joy giving a Tantric Fusion Massage

Tantric Fusion Massage:

This ancient approach to bodywork provides the ultimate combination of Tantric connection, massage, and deep relaxation.

Experiencing this unique combination of heart-centered healing, massage and Tantric energy is a beautiful way to feel deep relaxation while also enhancing your health and vitality.

During your massage, the long rhythmic massage techniques and therapeutic oils will peel away the layers of your stress, allowing you to receive Joy's caring presence and unique touch.  

 The Massage Experience: 

Phase One: 
Joy begins by gently and passionately massaging your entire back, including your shoulders, buttocks, the backs of your legs, and your feet. This portion of the massage allows you to relax, connect with your body, and become more comfortable, while awakening Tantric energy throughout your entire body.

Phase Two:
When you roll over, Joy will slowly and compassionately massage your shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, chest, abdomen, thighs, legs, and feet. You may feel your life force energy flowing throughout your body as you allow yourself to melt into Joy's passionate touch.

Phase Three:
Allow the external world to melt away as your energy flows, find yourself floating on a cloud of relaxation and allow your deep, rhythmic breath to draw Tantric energy from your core throughout your entire body.  

Joy will then place one hand on your heart chakra and her other hand on your solar chakra. As you bask in the glow of Tantric connection you may enter a deeply relaxed meditative state, allowing you to fully embrace the feelings of heightened awareness. Calm your mind, open your heart, and lay still in deep contemplation. 

Upon completion of your session, you will feel nurtured on a soul level, centered, connected, and deeply relaxed in your body.

Session Cost: 1 Hour/$120    1.5 Hours/$150    2 Hours/$180